Mark John Robert David Elsis

by Mark R. Elsis

An environmentalist, filmmaker, poet, web entrepreneur / developer and writer,
here to protect our future generations.

"It is our task in our time and in our generation,
to hand down undiminished to those who come after us,
as was handed down to us by those who went before,
the natural wealth and beauty which is ours."

John F. Kennedy

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Mark R. Elsis


Created: Wednesday, March 20, 1957.

Formed: During the highest recorded sunspot activity ever.

Born: January 8, 1958, at 8:24 pm est, at Doctors Hospital, about two weeks overdue.

Doctors Hospital is located at 170 East End Avenue, between 87th and 88th Streets opposite Gracie Mansion in the Yorkville neighborhood of the Upper East Side of Manhattan, New York. If I wasn't born in one of the best hospitals on Earth, I probably would have died.

Birth: Breech with umbilical cord prolapse, almost died. I have almost died 16 times.

Weight: 9 pounds, 6 ounces.

Length: 21 inches.

Circumcised: January 11, 1958; Savage mutilation done without my 3-day old consent.

Baptized: February 2, 1958, at Ascension Church in Elmhurst, Queens New York.

Confirmation name: David.

Education: Ascension School, La Salle Academy, Queens College, Web May 3, 1997.

Home: New York City 1958 to 1998, Florida 1998 to present.

Sports: Basketball, Frisbee, Running, Hockey, Baseball, Softball, Swimming and Tennis.

Work: Shoveled snow for Mr. Smith; Long Island Press paper route; Bruno’s German Deli; NYC taxi driver at night; Co-owner of a small eco-construction company; Stock trader; Owner of more than 1400 domain names for sale

My name is Mark R. Elsis and I have dedicated my life for the survival of our species. Without ego, I tell you, I am here for the highest calling one can have; to enlighten humanity, so we don't pass over Omega point and go extinct. Throughout my adult life, I have walked the walk by creating solutions to manifest this reality. The following are some of my accomplishments.

Meeting and giving Michael Jackson the song and video idea for the song, Beat It, which propelled the album, Thriller, to be the largest selling album of all-time; Meeting and talking with John Denver and telling him to be the first musician to play his beautiful music (and tell them we are all the same) in the former Soviet Union, which he did; I am writing a book called Meetings and Stories, about all of my meetings with prominent people, mostly artists, and my many fascinating and wondrous stories; I'm a poet with 910 poems; I'm a writer with more than fifty works. My writings range from in-depth historical articles, such as and, to environmental studies, my first concluded that humans are causing between 93 and 1609 extinctions per day Rainforests destruction and mass species extinction, in another I deduced (contrary to what you're now being told) that the human population growth of Earth peaked in 1987; I worked as head of promotion with Jerry Brown in his 1992 Presidential campaign; I was the founder and director of the third party Presidential campaign, Jerry Brown for President in 1996 - 800 BROWN 96; I was the lead organizer of rallies in front of the United Nations on September 20, 1997, and the White House on October 12, 1997; I'm the creator of the largest network of top-level domain name websites online; One of the hundreds of websites that I have created is; I was at The Dakota on the night John Lennon was assassinated, Monday, December 8, 1980, from 11:45 pm till 8:45 am the next morning. I swore on his blood that I would do everything possible to enlighten humanity, and I have for almost forty years; I was the executive producer, writer (one of four) and director of the documentary, Strawberry Fields Keeping The Spirit Of John Lennon Alive; I was granted the first in-depth interview in 30 years with legendary "Wall of Sound" music producer Phil Spector; Phil produced his last song, Crying for John Lennon, for my film. I will release it on October 9, 2020, for what would have been John's 80th Birthday; On May 29, 2017, to honor my assassinated President and commemorate his one hundredth birthday, I published, The Most Comprehensive Timeline On John Fitzgerald Kennedy; It is 423 pages with 1,283 hotlinks, yet still not 100% completed, but I have uncovered the smoking gun, something that I have wanted to find my whole life, and I have named the real perpetrators behind his assassination, along with their motive; And finally, for more than six years I have been working on my greatest creation, Love Communities.

Love Communities encompasses all of my top solutions into one overarching idea. It is the culmination and answer to my lifetime of relentless research. I have worked out almost all aspects of this immense project. The first of the will cost approximately 40,000,000 USD. By example, it will create a loving, peaceful and sustainable way to live with one another and our Mother Earth. My intention is that will become the beacon of hope and catalyst to enlighten humanity and expand into every country, and then every state and province on Earth.

"We are made wise not by the recollection of our past,

but by the responsibility for our future."

George Bernard Shaw